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The procedure for sending a notification on the removal of prohibited information has been determined

Government Resolution (№ 807, 23.12.2020) amended the Resolution ( of the Cabinet of Ministers "On measures to improve information security in the global information network Internet" from September 5, 2018 № 707. Starting from now, by detecting prohibited information in the texts of comments left by users on the website and (or) website page, or in social networks or instant messengers, the owner of the website, the website page and (or) messenger, as well as the blogger a notification will be sent with the aim to remove information prohibited by law. Detection of prohibited information and sending a notification is carried out by the Center for Mass Communications (Center) no later than 24 hours after the discovery of the prohibited information.
The notification will be sent electronically through the official information resources of the Center (e-mail, official page on social networks or instant messengers). The notification will indicate the name of the information resource on which the prohibited information is posted, and the date of the information. Attached is a link to the prohibited information and a copy of its image on the screen. 
The owner of an information resource, a blogger, within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of the notification, must remove the prohibited information and report it to the Center through its official information resources in electronic or paper form. If the prohibited information is not deleted by the owner of the information resource, as well as by the blogger, within the time specified in the notification, the Agency for Information and Mass Communications or the Center may contact the administration of the social network or messenger or with a statement of claim to the court regarding the deletion of this information. We remind you that prohibited information is information containing a call for an overthrow change in the existing constitutional order, territorial integrity of the Republic of Uzbekistan, aimed at promoting war, violence and terrorism, as well as ideas of religious extremism, separatism and fundamentalism, disseminating information that incites national, racial, ethnic or religious enmity, as well as denigrating the honor and dignity or business reputation of citizens, allowing interference in their private life, promoting pornography and other similar information.
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