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Uzbekistan on International ratings and Indices

Presidential Decree “On Measures to Improve the Position of the Republic of Uzbekistan on International ratings and Indices”. According to the decree, the national system of monitoring and evaluating the position of the Republic of Uzbekistan  on international ratings will be created. Measuring the effectiveness of governance and policy, evaluating the ongoing changes in the country are a component of the National Monitoring System. International ratings has been assigned to research institutes as the first stage of National Monitoring System. They were tasked with identifying methodological and other components of international ratings, implementing them in the current legislation, and identifying the main factors that led to low ratings of Uzbekistan at international ratings. In order to improve the quality of public services, the institute of "secret client public services" will be introduced. A single internet portal "Uzbekistan in international ratings" will be created until April 1, 2019. This portal provides an overview of international rating agencies and experts' recommendations on annual reporting of international ratings, as well as reports on publication dates. By April 1, 2019 the rating methodology will be approved based on the positive experience of foreign countries, taking into account the national interests of Uzbekistan. Roadmaps are being developed every year to improve Uzbekistan's position on international ratings, including data from research institutes and results of research.


Source: Huquqiy axborot