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Resolution of the Government “On Amendments to the Rules of the Road”

Resolution of the Government  “On Amendments to the Rules of the Road” was adopted.  In accordance with the amendments:

1. The front part of the vehicle should not cross the stop line when stopping at a prohibitory signal of a traffic light or traffic controller;

2. Khokims of the city of Tashkent and the regions are entitled to lower the speed limit (with the installation of appropriate road signs) on certain sections of the road;

3. the stop is allowed in settlements on roads with a double lane and on roads with one-way traffic without tram tracks in the middle;

4. vehicle moving along a ring takes priority over a vehicle entering a ring;

5. vehicles in the daytime must travel with the dipped headlights or daylight;

6. Vehicles must be covered with a tarp or other thick material when transporting construction materials, agricultural products, food, and also other flowing goods;

7. It is prohibited to drive a bicycle or moped without holding the steering wheel or holding it with one hand.

In addition, amendments introduced 28 new road signs. Among them are signs allowing passage to the red color, radar, tracks for pedestrians and cyclists.


Source: Legal info