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Production of alcohol and tobacco products.

The Presidential Decree "On measures to improve the state regulation of production and turnover of alcohol and tobacco products and the development of viticulture and winemaking" was adopted.

According to the decree, the following was organized:

• veterinary and Winemaking Development Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture;

• alcohol and tobacco market regulation inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance.

The following order is defined:

• food and technical ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and tobacco production and wholesale of alcoholic beverages are produced on the basis of licenses issued by the Alcohol and Tobacco Market Regulatory Inspection;

• all legal entities have the right to engage in wholesale of alcoholic beverages in the manner prescribed by law;

• the sale of domestic beer, hot and natural wines can be done by all catering establishments, without the authorization certificate.


Source: Huquqiy axborot