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Privileges on payment state duties in courts are abolished

The President signed the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with the improvement of the mechanism of collection of state duty in courts. According to the amendments, some of the privileges on exemption from state duties have been abolished in the courts.

Specifically, the following will pay the state duty when applying to courts:

In Civil Courts:

• Plaintiffs - on allegations of copyright and related rights, as well as on claims based on invention, utility model, industrial design, trademark, service mark and name of commodity origin place, right to selection achievement;

• the persons who applied to the appeals and cassation instance for the annulment of marriage except of matters not related to the division property.

In Economic Courts:

• Producers of agricultural commodity producers - on allegations that manufacturers and service providers have failed to meet their contractual obligations;

• Owners of private homeowners, communal utility organizations - on allegations of payment of mandatory contributions and collection of debts on utility services;

• private homeowners' associations, communal utilization organizations - on allegations of compensation for damages caused by failure by contractors to provide housing and communal services.




Source: Huquqiy axborot