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The safety requirements for the production of children's toys are determined

By the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers (№ 451, July 23, 2020), the general technical regulations on the safety of children's toys were approved. The regulation defines the requirements for the safe production and sale of children's toys. In accordance with the regulations:

  • the composition of children's toys should not contain explosive substances and materials;
  • the rated voltage of the electric toy, as well as on any of its components, should not exceed 24 V;
  • children's toys released for retail trade in food and / or together with food must have their own separate packaging;
  • in toys, it is not allowed to use secondary raw materials obtained as a result of recycling materials that were in use for other purposes;
  • it is prohibited to manufacture toys containing heating elements that pose a risk of burns to users;
  • toys intended for children under three years of age must be marked by age group with a prohibiting conventional graphic sign.

The regulatory requirements do not apply to products that are not considered children's toys, as well as toys made to individual orders and as display items. This regulation comes into force after 12 months from the date of its official publication.


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