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By the Government Resolution (№ 795, December 17, 2020) introduced amendments to the Regulation on checkpoints across the State Border of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

According to the amendments, a list of paid services provided at automobile checkpoints across the State Border of Uzbekistan has been determined. The list of paid services:
  • Services of mobile operators operating in Uzbekistan;
  • Catering and sanitary and hygienic activities;
  • Retail sale of goods in duty free shops;
  • Rent of hand carts for passengers;
  • Service for the transportation of passengers and their cargo inside the checkpoint;
  • Minor repairs and evacuation of vehicles moving through the checkpoint;
  • Storage of small hand luggage;
  • Operations with goods (loading, unloading, reloading) carried in vehicles;
  • Interpreter service;
  • Rooms for the provision of services (filling out the passenger customs declaration and migration forms, various computer services, fax, Internet);
  • Taxi call service.

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