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The mechanism for voluntary accreditation of medical organizations has been introduced

The Government Resolution “On the introduction of mechanisms for voluntary accreditation of medical organizations” was adopted (№16, January 14, 2021). According to the document, starting from January 1, 2022, a mechanism for voluntary accreditation of medical organizations will be introduced. The Ministry of Health is considered the authorized state body for accreditation of medical organizations and certification of health experts. The Resolution approved the Administrative Regulations for the provision of public services for the voluntary accreditation of medical organizations. According to the Regulation, the stages of accreditation of medical organizations consist of the following:

  • self-assessment and entry of the assessment results into the information system for managing the quality of medical services;
  • comprehensive on-site assessment;
  • control of inspection.

For accreditation, medical organizations submit an application to the accrediting body through:

  • Public Service Centers;
  • Unified portal of interactive public services (EPIGU).


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