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Lawyer's identity card

The Government Resolution approved the Regulation on the procedure for issuing a lawyer's identity card. In accordance with the Regulation, a lawyer's identity card is a document certifying the status of a lawyer.

The issuance of a certificate is carried out in the following steps:

  • the applicant or the lawyer shall personally apply to the territorial body of justice no later than the next day when he joins the relevant legal structure or issues a identity card of registration of the legal structure;
  • issuance and processing of a certificate is carried out by the territorial body of justice within 2 days, the certificate is signed by the head of the territorial body of justice;
  • within 3 working days in writing, a notification is sent to the relevant territorial administration of the Chamber of Lawyers with an indication of the details of the certificate.

A lawyer becomes a member of the Chamber of Lawyers from the moment of receipt of the notice. Information related to the status of a lawyer is entered in the state registers of lawyers. The identity card is valid throughout the republic and the validity period is unlimited.


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