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The requirement for switching on headlamps extended by two years

It is known that the Government Decree of April 9, established the requirement for all vehicles to travel with the lights on in the daytime. Since the introduction of the order, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the Ministry of Justice, has analyzed this procedure and in early May the relevant project was submitted to the Government. By a Government Decree (No. 460 of June 4, 2019), the requirement for “headlights” is imposed on manufacturers, not drivers. That is, according to the decree, until January 1, 2021, the requirement for driving conditions with the lights on applies only to cars that have lights with automatic switching on. Also, from January 1, 2020, the installation of lighting devices with automatic switching on in the daytime for cars produced on the domestic market will be defined as mandatory. Imported cars that do not have lighting devices with automatic switching on are not allowed to be imported into the country. In addition, in accordance with the instructions of the Government, a corresponding bill will be drafted aimed at reducing the size of the fine in the Administrative Liability Code for violating the rules for using external lighting devices (currently 101,365 soums). 


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