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The National Legal Information Center "Adolat"

By the Government Resolution the main tasks of the National Legal Information Center "Adolat" were approved.

According to the Document Center undertakes the following actions:

  • provide systematic accounting and maintenance of control copies of legislative acts in the National Legislation Database;
  • carry out targeted and substantive legal propaganda to improve legal literacy and legal culture of the population;
  • prepare and distribute information and analytical media materials, provides consulting services for the preparation of the materials;
  • publishe printed and electronic periodical social and legal publications;
  • prepare draft (project) laws on a contractual basis by order of state bodies and organizations.

The Resolution also approved the Program of Measures to Improve Legal Culture in Society for 2020-2021. Recall that in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from May 19, 2020 № DP-5997, the National Legal Information Center “Adolat” was established on the basis of the State Institution “Center for Legal Information“ Adolat”, the State Unitary Enterprise of the newspaper“ Inson va Qonun” and the editorial board of the public-legal magazine "Huquq va burch" under the Ministry of Justice by merging the institutions.


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